Hannah - Flight Simulation

Learn to Fly with Flight Simulation Training

An airplane is a difficult learning environment. It is a noisy, sometimes very hot and sometimes very cold and uncomfortable place to learn. It moves a lot and sometimes provokes air sickness. Talking to air traffic controllers is stressful. Watching for other traffic is stressful. Coming in for a landing is stressful. Maintaining situational awareness is stressful. And it is very expensive!

We came up with the idea of using flight simulation to better prepare students for their daily flight lessons, increase the enjoyment of flight training, and reduce the cost of training flight time.

By increasing the pre-flight interactivity on the ground, we can greatly increase the learning experience in the airplane.

We came up with three main areas of opportunity:

  1. Create short and relevant learning materials
  2. Have the students use all their senses to enhance the learning, retention and application of the materials (visual, auditory and kinesthetic)
  3. Make it fun!


Custom solutions for Flight Schools, Corporate Aviation, and Pilot Recertification

Our flight training courses can be customized for other geographical areas, aircraft, or languages. Additionally, our development team can create custom courseware for corporate aviation, pilot recertification, and airline training.
Current products include:

√ Private Pilot course
√ Airbus A320 online pilot course
√ Instrument Flight Rules ground school course